Our Mission

We believe everyone can excel at math and science. To help students do this, we make learning math and science simple and personalize our sessions based on the student. Our mission is to build students' confidence in their problem-solving ability, so they can succeed in school and anywhere else in life.

The Advantages of Two Tutors

Our unique approach to tutoring is having two tutors per session, instead of one. This has two main benefits:

  1. Two different explanations results in quicker understanding of material since one tutor's explanation might resonate more with the student than the other's.

  2. Alternating speakers is a proven way to grab someone's attention and help him or her focus. So, this is particularly effective for students with ADD or ADHD.

Personalized Sessions

We give each student much more personalized attention than he or she would in a classroom/group setting, which results in faster learning and results.


For each student, we make sure to:

  • Understand the student's main area(s) of difficulty with the material.

  • Cater our tutoring approach to the student's specific learning style(s).


"I highly recommend Two Times Tutoring."

   - Jessy K.

"These guys are fantastic! They

were able to help my daughter with her AP Physics homework assignments, and give her the confidence to stick with the class."

   - Jeff H.

"They are fabulous."

   - Stacie R.

"A wonderful experience. My son grew so much over the 8 sessions this summer. Allen and Chris are wonderful and their approach is just what he needed. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you!"

   - Paige K.

"Allen and Chris at Two Times Tutoring have a great approach! They both work together to present the material in different ways to help different learning styles."

   - Lisa D.

"I liked them personally.  Professionally, they made sure I understood before moving on. They worked the math problems along with me, too, so they could point out right away where I went wrong.  I didn’t get too far down the path.  Very respectful – they just don’t use negative language. Everything they say is encouraging. 

They really moved me along. We covered a lot in two hours: algebra, geometry, quadratic equations.  Having two people is very helpful. One could be looking up things on the phone while the other one was solving. It was time saving. And two people meant two different ways of approaching, adding another mind to the team from what I was expecting. 

They really know what they are doing. I recommend them heartily! I feel confident going into this pre-employment test. 

Thanks, guys!"

  -  Bob N.

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